Yomar Augusto ---- Brazilian multidisciplinary artist splitting his time between California & New York City.
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My family is my inspiration, it influences me as an artist and as a person. Being part of a strong lineage of artists makes me want to connect the dots and to embrace full art production & collaboration with them. Inspiration can come from my dad and his photography archive of his time as a young lieutenant in the Middle East in the 60s. Or from just visiting the MET with my mom and discussing how we could reinterpret the Armor of Henry II, King of France using her embroiderer skills and my drawings. Or from my talented art bookbinder sister Rosa, and her passion for books and teaching who has always been one of the counter stones of my life. And of course, inspiration can come from celebrating Brasilia, the modernism Brazilian dream with my lovely art photographer cousin Nick. This is our DNA.

Yo+Yo project project ongoing - During a period of 2 years (1960-62) my father was deployed to the Gaza Strip as a young lieutenant, part of the Brazilian contingent of the United Nations emergency force. They were sent as an observation force to monitor the conflict between Egypt, Israel, France and the United Kingdom after the invasion of the Suez Canal. This project is a visual memoir of sorts of the photographs he had taken while deployed. His accounts captured the daily life inside the military compound, the region and myriad of self portraits reflecting his position not only as a photojournalist but also as an infantryman. More infos site Yo + Yo project

My mom is a gifted fashion designer & embroiderer artist. During one of her trips to New York City we had the opportunity to visit the MET together. At the amour room we got struck from the beauty of the Armor of Henry II, King of France, an intricate full metal plate designed and engraved by the artist Jean Cousin the Elder. My mom created an amazing embroidery version of the KIng’s plate and subsequently I started my versions using my iPad to generate digital drawings based from my mom’s work. Like Yo+Yo project, its a life long collaboration project.

I have been collaborating with my sister since the 90’s. Rosa Guimaraes is one of the most persistent, perfectionist, professional, powerful individual I even met in my life. She is my inspiration and the reason I took the art path. This particular book has been produced over the course of 6 months, using tyvek as connectors between pages and cross woven strapping cord as spine. This portfolio has been produced for my European / The Netherlands period, searching for work and showing my work for European designers.

The Bulk is an urban - background - image research project along side my dear photographer cousin, Nick Elmoor. He was born in Rio de Janeiro but moved to Brasilia and I was born in Brasilia and moved to Rio de Janeiro. Our families "mirrors" moving inspires our investigation, our attempt in finding a simple connection between photography, modernism, family and other places we might call home over the years. From Canada, Italia, The Netherlands, NYC & California.
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